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At all of our locations, we offer you so much more than just a storage unit. You get a clutter-free home without having to let anything go. You have a stress-free zone for your things to stay when life is in transition. And most importantly, you get a group of storage experts who are here to ensure your needs are met every step of the way.

Service Every Step of the Way

It’s our goal to provide you with the best in self storage service. We’re always looking for ways to offer you unique, convenient services that improve your experience at any of our locations. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the unique services we offer.

Free Carry-In Service: We’re proud to be there for you from the moment you arrive with our free Carry-In Service, where we help you carry your things to your new storage unit.

Free Move-In Truck Service: Take some of the stress out of your move with our complimentary move-in truck, free for first-time renters! You’ll save time and money without needing to arrange an expensive truck rental from somewhere else. Some restrictions apply. Not available at all locations.

Help Selling Your Stuff: Using our personal Facebook sales page, we will work with you to help sell things you don’t want to hold on to anymore. We will help you take pictures, set up times and provide you a safe place to meet potential buyers: Right at our storage facility!

How to Use Personal Storage

Personal storage is helpful in so many life situations, whether you need extra space for a few months or many years. You may not have thought of all the different ways you can use a storage unit – or know of all the ways we make it that much simpler to store.

Take a moment to discover how you can benefit from personal storage, as well as all the extras that come with storing at one of our many locations.

Moving and Self Storage

From start to finish, we make moving day more manageable. Start with our complete Moving Guide, which takes you from creating checklists to checking each thing off.

When it’s time to start packing, find all of the boxes you need – including specialty boxes – right at your storage facility. While you’re there, grab the rest of the packing supplies needed to keep everything in one piece.

A storage unit helps you keep everything organized in a nearby off-site location while you figure out what goes where in your new home. If you are downsizing, you have the perfect space-saving solution until you are ready to rid yourself of the sudden excess. For those upsizing, self storage is a great temporary place for enough new furniture to fill even the biggest home. Personal storage is also a particular life-saver when you are moving across the country and do not immediately have a permanent home.

With so many reasons to use self storage units during your move, you might wonder how you ever got through without it!

Self Storage and Home Remodeling

Almost as stressful as moving into a new home is remodeling your current one. Work takes longer than expected and in the meantime, you have to find a place for all your furniture, appliances and other items where they won’t be damaged. Instead of hiding them in the house, why not stow them into a storage unit?

At all of our locations, we have multiple sizes of units to choose from, anywhere from 25 square feet to over 300. Which means you will have plenty of space no matter how much you need to store. And for those heavy appliances and furniture, some of our locations can help you store it with our forklift service or the dollies and carts available for use – so you don’t damage your back, either!

During a home remodel, don’t worry about dust, debris or damage to your things. Keep them out of sight with peace of mind in a nearby storage unit.

Holiday Storage

The Christmas Season, New Year’s, Lent and Easter, Independence Day, Day of the Dead, Halloween – the list goes on. With so many holidays to celebrate every year, it doesn’t take long for basements, closets, and attics to clutter up.

That’s just one more way self storage comes to the rescue. You can organize your decorations by holiday using our wide range of boxes, and keep it all protected with peanuts or bubble wrap – all right in the store. Our month-to-month leases also mean it’s easy to rent for just one season or all year-round!

Military Storage

When you get your orders, it’s time once again to pack up and move out to a new assignment. There is already so much to figure out when having to move and that’s especially true when it comes to a military move. Families have to become adept at quickly and efficiently getting everything from one place to the next – and self storage is a reliable support system to ensure it all makes it there.

Not only will our staff help you carry your things in when you arrive, but we are also glad to accept deliveries in case you accidentally leave something behind and it needs to be shipped.

We are proud to support military members throughout California and Hawaii.

College Storage

Students may go to different schools, attend different classes and have different goals – but you all have one thing in common: You need somewhere to store your things during summer and winter break.

Our self storage locations are the easiest way to ensure your things stay where you left them, without having to lug it all between your home and your dorm or apartment. Rent a small unit for a few odds and ends or rent a larger one to share with your friends while you are all away. Either way, our month-to-month rentals means you don’t have to rent any longer than you need.

Other Ways to Use Personal Storage

We could keep going when it comes to ways you can use personal storage. Benefits are endless, but it all comes down to one thing: Less stress. Self storage improves your life by clearing out your space and giving you room to spread out. It keeps you organized when life is hectic. Here are just a few more ways to use personal storage: 

  • For hobbies like arts, crafts, photography and more
  • Decluttering your closets, basement, and attic
  • Storing items that relatives have passed on to you
  • Saving working appliances when you have upgraded to new ones 

If you’re ready to get serious about making space in your home, your friendly local storage experts are just a call or click away.

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