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How Can I Maximize the Life of My Outdoor Furniture?

Every year, as the summer months approach, people all over the country prepare their patios or backyards for the warmer weather ahead. One of the biggest problems most people encounter is the unseen destruction of their outdoor equipment during the offseason. Sunlight, harsh weather, and lack of proper storage all contribute to the deterioration of equipment and furniture.

This blog will show you that the days of buying new chairs or an umbrella every year are gone. Storing outdoor furniture can extend its life and is accessible in places like Saf Keep Storage.

How Sunlight Can Affect Your Furniture

Prolonged exposure to the intense ultraviolet (UV) rays of sunlight can leave your furniture looking faded and crusty when that big Memorial Day barbecue comes around. UV damage is the most significant factor in fabric fading.

Continuous high temperatures can also lead to the fading of your favorite backyard couch and other problems. High heat can cause cracking or peeling of plastic and vinyl materials. Metal can also become permanently warped due to extreme temperatures in coastal and southern regions.

How Inclement Weather Effects Outdoor Furniture

The winter offseason can be as harsh on outdoor furniture as the warm summer months. Colder temperatures can cause shrinking or make some materials brittle, which can cause them to break. Intense moisture, rain, or fog can also cause your fabrics to develop mold.

All of the previously mentioned types of weather can force you to buy new furniture for your patio. Wind gusts can also send your chairs and couches flying through the air, causing damage to more than just your furniture.

Outdoor chairs and love seats covered for protection from moisture.

Is Storing Outdoor Furniture Worth it?

In short, yes, it is. But there are many ways to protect equipment from the harsh elements. Here are some of the best and most cost-effective ways to store that equipment and make the most of your space.

Pros and Cons of Covering Outdoor Furniture

A common way to combat nasty offseason weather and extreme heat in the summer is to cover your chairs, tables, and other furniture. These covers can range in price, but most offer ample protection against moisture and high UV ratings.

Consequently, the same conditions that can wreak havoc on your furniture can also affect these covers tasked with protecting your equipment. This could lead to a never-ending cycle of replacing your protective equipment every year and is not the strongest economic solution.

Try Storing Equipment in Your Home

If you do not want the cost of covers and tarps, storing furniture in your basement or garage offers a cost-effective solution that provides flexibility and assurance that your furniture is safe from weather conditions and accessible for mid-winter heat waves.

Use Sheds, Large Tubs, and Bins To Store Your Equipment

A more DIY approach is buying a shed or a massive tub to store equipment and smaller items at home. These items are not overly expensive and can make maximizing space for household items a breeze. This is a solid option, but as we have previously mentioned, even these products can become worn down. These options can even provide housing for unwanted four-legged pests if left outside.

Should I Rent a Storage Unit for Outdoor Furniture?

The most surefire way to protect your outdoor furniture and equipment would be to rent a storage unit and store your furniture unit over the offseason and here are some key reasons:

  1. Storage units range in size, giving you flexible options
  2. An off-site storage unit—like Saf Keep Storage—can maximize your house’s storage space.
  3. Storage unit facilities offer year-round protection from harsh weather conditions
  4. Renting a storage unit is more cost-effective than most people think

If you need more room and don’t know how to organize outdoor equipment in a storage unit, explore our storage unit optimization tips.

Your Storage Unit Can Symbolize Seasonal Change

Storing your extra outdoor furniture in a storage unit provides reliable protection and opens the door to new seasons. Gathering the family to retrieve the patio table and lawn chairs from storage can become a fun tradition, welcoming warm weather. It’s also an opportunity to teach organization skills and ensure everything has its place, preventing items like floaties and pool noodles from getting lost.

How Can I Rent a Storage Unit?

If you decide that storing your outdoor furniture equipment in a self storage unit is the best route, that’s great! Start planning for the end of this Summer with the team here at Saf Keep Storage. We offer one of the best services for housing your valued outdoor furniture and can help you expedite the move-in process with multiple amenities.

Find a Saf Keep Storage location near you today, or explore our comprehensive forms and frequently asked questions pages for more details.


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