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Common Misconceptions About Self Storage

Is what you know about self storage holding you back from getting the storage space you need? Seeing how storage units and facilities are portrayed on TV would give anyone pause.

At Saf Keep Storage, we know that self storage is a great option for anybody who needs additional space. So let’s dismiss some common misconceptions about storage.

5 Misconceptions About Self Storage Units

Self storage is often plagued both by misinformation or a lack of information. Below we address five of the most common misconceptions about self storage units, including their security, storage auction myths, quality, pricing, and contracts.

1. They’re Not Secure

Perhaps the first and foremost storage unit misconception is that they aren’t secure. You are worried that your belongings are likely to be stolen if you put your trust in a storage unit facility.

Fortunately, that isn’t the case. Any competent storage unit provider knows this is extremely important to their customers, and to preserving their own reputation as safe and reliable. Because of this, they put a lot of preparation and effort into maintaining that sense of certainty, usually by reinforcing their security in several different ways.

For starters, many self storage facilities take advantage of modern technology to employ 24-hour video recording to both prevent potential bad actors and identify them in the event that a theft does occur. Other security features can include individually alarmed units, fenced entry with electronic gate access, and bright lighting.

2. Storage Auctions are a Big Deal

Storage auctions are the process of auctioning out all the belongings in an abandoned storage unit. They do happen, but they aren’t usually much of an event, and come with rules attached. Here are a few key things to understand about what happens when a storage auction occurs:

  • The contents of the auction are sold by the entire unit, not individual pieces, and it is due immediately from whomever bid the highest.
  • Vehicles are sold for parts only, not ownership. Any title or related documents are not passed along to the winning buyer.
  • Any found personal documents (tax records, identification, photos, legal documents, etc.) must be returned to the facility so they can navigate the official channels back to their owners.
  • All firearms are turned over to the police.

Though the rules are subject to change slightly, these core elements, especially the ones relating to personal information, are always in effect.

3. They’re Just an Outdoor Shed with a Door

Because there are a lot of affordable self storage options, owners and managers must compete to set themselves apart and earn the customer’s business. As such, any self storage option that hopes to stay in business will prioritize quality, supporting the idea that this is a storage unit misconception.

Self storage is extremely clean, well-lit, heavily protected, and in many cases, climate controlled for the preservation of sensitive belongings like paper products and musical instruments. Many self storage facilities feature indoor storage units, too.

4. They’re Too Expensive

Though pricing is relative to the individual, the cost-to-value ratio of modern self storage options has never been better. Cost may be on the higher end if you need to store large vehicles, or an entire house worth of belongings, but even under those circumstances, the monthly rate is widely affordable—especially compared to alternative storage options. Most of the small or medium storage options fall below $70 a month, a sum which won’t break most budgets thanks to storage’s flexibility.

5. You Have to Sign Up for a Long-Term Contract

Most self storage service providers recognize that customers don’t usually want long-term contracts, so by trying to force them, they run the risk of losing business. Because of this, month-to-month contracts are the most common type of service, dismantling this storage unit misconception.

There are many benefits to the customer for a month-to-month contract. Maybe you only need the storage unit while you transition to a new home, or perhaps you only need it during winter to hold seasonal items. Either way, knowing you have the freedom to back out at nearly any time, for any reason, is liberating. Saf Keep Storage knows this, which is why we offer this type of contract to all of our customers.

You Can Feel Confident with Saf Keep Storage

Saf Keep Storage wants you to feel confident and comfortable with your self storage choice. It means a lot to trust someone else to look over your belongings, and that’s a trust we’ve prioritized in our customer service—after all, our motto is Service Every Step of the Way. If you’re in need of self storage, find a storage unit near you and rent yours today.


  September 22, 2021 in Storage Tips

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