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CicLAvia 2024

Los Angeles is famous for many things—swaying palm trees, ocean beaches, proximity to Hollywood and celebrities, and sprawling hills with beautiful homes. While this city has many beautiful and glamorous aspects, one element that drives many of its citizens crazy is the gridlock of cars and traffic that often fills the city’s streets, decreasing walkability.

To combat this crowded feeling and give L.A. residents a reprieve and a chance to connect with their neighbors and communities, the non-profit CicLAvia  holds events throughout the city temporarily closing streets to motorized and electric vehicles, allowing Angelenos to experience more walkability and turn the crowded streets into open public spaces

What Is CicLAvia?

CicLAvia is a non-profit organization passionate about creating and uplifting public spaces for locals to enjoy and engage with one another. It also promotes health and vitality by discouraging motorized travel and encouraging self-powered movement through walking, biking, or skating.

This non-profit believes in open streets, which are extended periods when cars and other vehicles cannot use select streets. CicLAvia started in 2010 and is funded by private donations, grants, and public funds. They host and organize multiple events annually for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Cars cannot park in the designated area at 1:00 a.m. the night before a CicLAvia event. For people who live in the neighborhood where the event is taking place, don’t fret! If you need to move your car to a different parking space, CicLAvia will reimburse residents up to $20 for any parking fees they may incur.

At 6:00 a.m., the surrounding roads begin to turn away traffic. From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the specified area is only open to people on foot and in non-motorized vehicles. Walkers, bicyclists, and skaters are free to roam the area and explore their city without being concerned about traffic or dodging motorized vehicles.

When and Where Is CicLAvia?

According to the non-profit, CicLAvia aims to open streets to low-income areas or those who experience significant inequities in access to health services, education, and cultural facilities. The non-profit prioritizes hosting these events in locations normally highly trafficked and with high population densities. They encourage attendees to support local businesses along the route and, when possible, travel to the event using public transit or self-powered vehicles.

CicLAvia takes place in all parts of Los Angeles County, so participants can experience a vehicle-free morning and afternoon in different areas of the city. There are eight planned events for 2024, including:

  • May 19
  • June 23
  • Aug. 18
  • Sept. 15
  • Oct. 13
  • Dec. 8
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Who Can Attend CicLAvia?

The easy answer is everyone! CicLAvia events are fantastic for people who want to explore Los Angeles on foot or on self-powered bikes and skates. They are free to attend and welcome everyone who wants to spend time outside in temporary public spaces.

Because there are no cars and buses in a CicLAvia event area, there is plenty of space for strollers and wagons. The area is also conducive for wheelchairs and service animals. Everyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors and experience L.A. in a traffic-free environment should attend these events.

Utilize Self Storage From Saf Keep Storage in Los Angeles, CA

Saf Keep Storage has numerous locations throughout California, including three in Los Angeles. Just as CicLAvia recognizes how crowded this city can get when traffic piles up, we know homes can often become overwhelmed and crowded with belongings ranging from seasonal clothes to cars and boats. Saf Keep Melrose, one of our Los Angeles locations, is conveniently situated along one of the CicLAvia routes. Our locations offer various storage unit sizes and types for all storage needs.

We strongly believe in contributing to Los Angeles’ sense of community by being a trustworthy business that our local community members can rely on. We’re happy to help when you move items into our storage facilities and provide complimentary dollies and carts. We can also provide you with a free moving truck or van, with proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license required.

Contact us today or browse our available units online, and we’ll find the storage unit that fits your needs.


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