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Self Storage Auctions

Saf Keep uses auctions as a last resort in order to reclaim abandoned units, clean the space for new tenants and attempt to recoup lost fees. As a courtesy, we hold personal belongings such as photographs for up to 90 days after the unit auction takes place.

Please review the auction schedule for a complete list of upcoming events.

How Auctions Work

At Saf Keep, bidders are making bids on the entire contents of a unit, not just a single item. Before an auction begins, all bidders must sign in. Bidders are free to look at the contents of the units from the entrance of the unit, but may not enter the unit or touch anything inside. At the scheduled start time, we will go over rules of what is expected and the Auctioneer will conduct the auction.

After the unit is sold to the highest bidder, they will have until 5:30 P.M. the following day to clear out the unit. If the items are not removed, all items will be disposed of, unless arrangements have been made to pay a daily rental rate for additional time to clean out the unit with the Manager’s approval. Bid winners may also choose to rent the space by filling out a New Rental Packet and paying the first month’s rent and vacate at a later date. Bid winners are required to pay after the auction before the facility lock can be removed.

Saf Keep Auction Rules

  • The auction of each unit is open (no sealed bids).
  • Unit is sold to the highest bidder.
  • Bids are placed on the entire unit as a whole, not individual items.
  • Winning bid must be paid in cash immediately.
  • A cleaning deposit is required.
  • If you are a bid winner, you will have until 5:30 P.M. the following day to clean out the unit or rent it under your name.
  • If personal items (photos, legal documents, identification, tax records, etc.) are found, we ask that they are returned to the front office. As a benefit to the tenant, before disposal, we will hold them for 90 days.
  • Any stored firearms must be turned over to the law enforcement.

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