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Auto, RV & Boat Storage

Don’t let garage space undermine your adventure potential. You need a place to keep your toys tucked away between trips or when they’re taking a season off. When stored properly, you can extend the life of your vehicles, RV, and boats while keeping your garage and driveway clear. Show them some love. Indoor parking units available at all locations.

Auto Storage

It doesn’t take much for the garage to become cluttered – we get it. So, if you find yourself in search of some extra space, we’ve got you covered. At our facilities, you can have a parking spot for any of your vehicles – from cars and vans to commercial trucks.

Pro tip: Keep your vehicle in good condition by thoroughly cleaning it and adding air to the tires before storing it. You may also want to fill the gas tank and check fluid levels to prevent rust buildup or seals from drying out.  For longer-term storage, stop by to run the engine once a month.

RV Storage

While we value the freedom an RV offers while traveling, it, unfortunately, doesn’t hold the same notion while at home. RVs are big. A standard-size RV is 36 to 45 feet long and at least 8 feet wide. Even if you do have garage space, an RV will be about 3 feet taller than your standard garage door. Parking on the street or in your backyard isn’t exactly convenient – but storing with us is.

Our designated RV storage will give your RV a place to stay, and give you the peace of mind to plan your next cross-country adventure. We know your RV is a big investment, but you can rest assured that with security features* like 24-hour video surveillance and an onsite caretaker, your RV will be in good hands.

*Many of our locations are secured with one or more of the following security amenities: Electronic gate code access, video surveillance, electric gate, and individually alarmed units.

Boat Storage

Storing your boat at a marina can be expensive, but if you decide to bring your boat on land, it doesn’t have to be like a fish out of water. Much like an RV, boats are large, difficult to park, and can kill your home landscaping vibe.

With multiple locations near the coast, we understand the boating life. There’s just nothing like being on the open water. Our large, covered and/or uncovered* units and convenient parking spaces are perfect for keeping your boat in top condition while on land. Our facilities also feature drive-up units and large driveways so you can be in and out in a breeze. Whatever your style – from sailboats to speedboats – we have a space for you.

*Covered and uncovered parking spaces will vary by location.

Keep Your Adventures Accessible

We know out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. All of our convenient auto, RV, and boat storage locations benefit from the same security and service features as our other units – they are clean, easily accessible, expertly maintained, and come with convenient online payment options. Indoor and outdoor parking is available, and extended access can be arranged.

We offer outdoor parking spaces for auto, RV, and/or boat storage at the following locations. Contact us to get started storing your vehicles with us today!


Auto, RV, and Boat Storage

Auto Storage ONLY


Not sure what size you need?

Choosing the size unit is important. Our online size guide can help you visualize how your belongings will fit in your unit before you move in. Check out our size calculator at a specific location for a more accurate size recommendation.