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Business Storage

When it comes to running a business, every dollar counts. Budgets are often tight, and unlike a large corporation, it’s difficult for a small business to foot the bill for expansions and other necessary purchases to help them grow.

If you’re a business owner and you’re not sure what to do about excess inventory and paperwork that’s piling up, don’t worry. Our storage experts have you covered.

Read on to discover why renting a storage unit is a cost-effective way to help your business find the space it needs to succeed.

Store Important Equipment

No matter if you’re a metal shop or a coffee shop, there’s a lot of equipment involved in running a business. This could be anything from heavy industrial machinery to some simple tools. Finding a place to keep these items around your place of business without becoming a hazard can be a challenge. Luckily, we have conveniently located facilities and storage units with easy access during operating hours, meaning you can move equipment in and out as needed. For heavy equipment, we offer dollies and carts for easy loading – and some locations provide forklift services to move big items in and out.

Support Your Small Business

More than just storage, we offer small businesses a wide array of services to support operations. Various locations offer package placement, so someone will always be there to accept packages on your behalf. And when you’re ready to bring your items to your self storage unit, you will find someone waiting to help you carry it all in.

Keep Track of Extra Inventory

It seems like having too much of an item in stock wouldn’t be a bad thing, but that’s only true if you have a place to keep it all. Restaurants with extra items like dishware and pots and pans don’t want to take up precious real estate to store it. And if you’re a business with seasonal items such as clothing or decorations, often you will have inventory that sits around for the majority of the year.

By renting a self storage unit, you can keep all of this surplus stealthily tucked away at an off-site location, with constant access during business hours. Our units are individually alarmed and heavy-duty locks are available, along with a wide range of safety features. Think of it like having an extra “back room” for whatever you need to store.

Manage Your Furniture During a Move

Moving houses is hard enough, but have you ever moved your business? It can be stressful trying to find a place for all of your office furniture when you’re trying to get everything else cleared out as well. And if you’re moving to a smaller location, the last thing you want to do is have to throw out perfectly good furniture! Many of our locations feature extra-large units for plenty of space to fit filing cabinets, conference tables, large cubicles and more.

Free Forklift

Do you move inventory into and out of your storage unit? Saf Keep Storage can help you run your business more effectively with our free forklift service, exclusively for business customers. One of our certified forklift attendants will help you load and unload pallets at no charge*. And if you prefer to do it yourself, we can certify you to operate our forklift onsite.

*Only the first 2 loads per month are free. Not available at all locations. Contact us for more details.

Secure Paperwork and Sensitive Documents

Just as integral to the success of a small business is accurate record-keeping. But these records quickly start to stack up without a separate space to store them, and a cluttered office hurts employee productivity.

Here’s something that won’t hurt your bottom line: A storage unit from one of our many locations. It is an ideal way to keep your paper records and other sensitive documents out of the way and ready to go when you need them. Many of our locations have file boxes for sale, so you can get it all done in one place.

We know a thing or two about running a successful business. From one business to another, we’ll be more than happy to help you get started.

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Not sure what size you need?

Choosing the size unit is important. Our online size guide can help you visualize how your belongings will fit in your unit before you move in. Check out our size calculator at a specific location for a more accurate size recommendation.