Saf Keep Storage Forms and FAQ
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Forms & FAQ

From losing your keys to getting a new phone number to referring a friend to one of our facilities, we’ve got a form for that! Find the form you’re looking for and download it with the links provided below.

Storage Security Forms

Lock Cut Request Form: We know accidents happen and you may lose or misplace your keys. A team member is happy to cut the padlock on your unit for a small fee so you can regain access to your items. 

Profile and Account Information

Update Contact Information: Move to a new address or get a new phone number? Update your contact information so you don’t miss out on important communications.

Forgot Tenant Code: If you’ve forgotten or misplaced your tenant code, we’re happy to reprogram a new personal gate code for your storage location.

Credit Card Authorization Forms: Never pay a bill late again by signing up to have your rental payments processed automatically each month.

Paperless Billing Authorization: Save paper and receive electronic invoices via email with our paperless billion option. 

Rental Agreement

Intent to Vacate: If your need for self storage is over, use this form to notify you’ll be leaving at least 10 days prior to your move-out date.

Vacated Space Form: Once you’ve left your unit, confirm that you have emptied and cleaned the space and removed your lock.

If you’d like to change your payment due date to a date that is more convenient for you, please see an office associate at your facility for assistance.

Service Forms

Referral Programs: When you refer someone to one of our facilities and they rent a unit, or you rent another unit yourself, you’ll receive a $50 rent credit as our way of saying thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a few different options for bill pay to best meet your needs. You can stop by our office, pay online, or set up automatic payments. If you’d like to have the money pulled automatically from your account each month, be sure to fill out our Credit Card Authorization form or stop at the office for more information.

If you lose your keys, our team members are happy to cut the lock for a fee. Fill out our Lock Cut Request form and stop by the office during business hours with a form of identification and we’ll help you regain access to your unit. We can also assist if you forget your individual tenant code that allows access to the facility.

Your account information can be easily updated should you have a change of address, phone number, or email address. Use our Update Contact Information form to inform us of any upcoming changes. You can also opt for Paperless Billing Authorization so you don’t miss important billing information during your move.

At Saf Keep Storage we understand that life transitions happen, and sometimes unexpectedly. Our flexible month-to-month leases ensure that you can rent a storage unit for the exact amount of time you need without being tied to a long-term lease. When you’re ready to move out, fill out our Intent to Vacate form at least 10 days prior to your move-out date. Make sure to remove any trash from your unit, sweep the floor, remove your lock, and fill out the Vacated Space form.

For questions on refunds or cancellations, please contact your local storage facility.