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Free Services

Free Carry-In Service*

Need help moving in? We take pride in our Free Carry-In Service as a key feature that sets us apart from our competitors. As part of our outstanding customer service, we have associates on-site that keep our facility clean and will help you with your move. We also have dollies and moving carts available at all our facilities, getting you in and out quickly.

For business customers, we have a free on-site forklift service¹. Just let us know in advance and we will be ready for you! Please note that Carry-In service is only offered during office hours. Special terms and weight restrictions apply.

*As a rule, the Carry-In service is for new move-in tenants only. The maximum time limit is 30 minutes.

¹ Not available at all locations.

See what customers are saying about our service!

“The carry in service is great (they help you move your stuff into the storage unit)! Although you do have to move out on your own, they have carts to help you with moving.” – Jiku A.

“This place is amazing. The staff is so kind and safer than Public Storage. Toni, the caregiver, helped me put all my stuff in my unit upstairs and helped me out with renting and returning the free truck they let you use.” – Joy B.

“What I am most pleased and grateful for with this company, is that if you request it, they have someone who will assist with moving things! Talk about making a day get better! Thank you all, for great customer service. I really like the company.” – Sharolander E.

Free Package Placement*

Tired of getting “missed package” slips? Working late? Send your packages to us! We will gladly accept packages from all major delivery services, such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS, on your behalf and put them in your unit for storing or pick up. (Limit 5 packages* per month). All we ask is that you provide us with the following:

  • A key or combination to the lock on your space. If the deliveries are infrequent or very small, you may choose to have them stored in the office for pick up.

*Charges will apply for additional packages. Not available at all locations.

Free Forklift for Business Customers 

Are you looking for self storage to help you expand your business? At Saf Keep Storage, we’re proud to support business owners with our business storage units. As a business customer, you have access to our free forklift service. One of our certified forklift attendants will help you load and unload pallets for free.* Or, if you prefer to do it yourself, we can certify you to operate the forklift on site.

*Only the first 2 loads per month are free. Not available at all locations. Contact us for more details.