Packing & Moving Service
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Packing & Moving Service

We are dedicated to provide you “service every step of the way,” and want you to have a great customer experience from beginning to end. That’s why we’ve partnered with Clutter*, a moving company that will help make moving your storage items convenient and easy. Hire professional movers to help you pack and move into storage today! Click below for a FREE quote.

Why Choose Clutter?

No Hidden Fees!

Simple, affordable pricing with no hidden fees.

Five-Star Customer Service

Highly trained move & pack team because a 5-star experience should be the norm.

Free Truck

Truck and gas are included in moving costs.

Free Protective Materials

Clutter will provide moving blankets and shrink wrap to keep your items protected, but we recommend picking up moving materials from your storage facilities box store.

How It Works

Step 1 – Schedule Moving

Visit or call us at (424) 672-3523 for pricing and to schedule your move.

Step 2 – Pack and Move

Our highly trained Clutter Movers & Packers will arrive at your pick-up location, carefully wrap and pack your items, and load them onto a Clutter truck.

Step 3 – Moving into Storage

Clutter will meet you at your storage unit and unload all your belongings off the truck. To complete the job, you will need to sign off once all items are unloaded and into storage.

*Not available at all locations.