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Self Storage Units in Los Angeles, CA - 5x10

Free Carry-In Service, Free Move-In Truck, Free Move-In Van, On-Site Caretaker

50% off 2 Months’ on select sizes

Free Carry-In Service, Free Move-In Truck, On-Site Caretaker

50% off 2 Months’ on select sizes

Saf Keep Self Storage - Gardena
Gardena Gardena

2045 W Rosecrans Ave.
Gardena, CA 90249
Phone: (310) 225-2577

Free Carry-In Service, Free Move-In Truck, On-Site Caretaker, RV Boat and Vehicle Storage

50% off 2 Months' Rent on select sizes

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Los Angeles, known for Hollywood and vibrant nightlife, is a thrilling place to call home. Having a place to live or run your business in Los Angeles creates a lifestyle unlike any other. Action-packed and full of opportunity, you can almost always find ways to grow and expand, but having the room to do so is essential. 

Renting a 5×10 Storage Unit in Los Angeles, CA

Imagine the possibility of having just a little extra room in your Los Angeles home or business. You can easily relocate clutter, excess furniture, and other belongings to a nearby, 5×10 self storage unit. These units offer 50 square feet of versatile space whether you need to store your items as you move in with your partner or need a place for art supplies for your crafting business, extra containers and supplies for your food truck, or something else all together. 

Explore our wide selection of 5×10 storage units and rent yours at one of our Los Angeles county area Saf Keep Storage facilities today: 

Using 5×10 Storage Units in Los Angeles

A 5×10 storage unit in Los Angeles is perfect for household storage and business storage alike.  With 50 square feet available, these units are comparable to walk-in closets, making them suitable for storing items from a studio or one-bedroom apartment, as well as furniture from your living room or office. You can easily store mattresses, dressers, coffee tables, business supplies, records, or inventory within a 5×10 storage unit.

Not sure if a 5×10 storage unit is right for you? Saf Keep’s Los Angeles locations offer several other unit sizes to fit your lifestyle and your belongings. Utilize our storage unit size guide to determine the best option for your specific needs. Once you’ve determined the ideal size, you can find the perfect match at a storage facility near you.

Rent Your Los Angeles 5×10 Storage Unit Now

Our goal is to support your personal and professional success by providing additional space and convenient amenities. To make your move-in process hassle-free, take advantage of our free move-in resources. Additionally, our Los Angeles storage facilities offer a wide selection of packing and moving supplies for your convenience.

Renting a 5×10 storage unit in Los Angeles is a breeze at Saf Keep Storage. Visit our nearest facility in Los Angeles or navigate to a facility page to rent or reserve your 5×10 storage unit today!

Frequently Asked Questions About 5×10 Storage Units in Los Angeles, CA

What can I store in a 5×10 storage unit?

You can store a wide variety of items in a 5×10 storage unit. Generally, at around the size of a large/walk-in closet, 5×10 storage units are perfect for getting added square footage for an apartment, or for storing items from a room during a move or renovation. 

Can I rent a 5×10 storage unit on a monthly basis in Los Angeles?

Yes, you can. At Saf Keep, we make it possible for you to rent on a month-to-month basis, so you can get a storage unit for just as long as you need it. You can stay flexible on the unit size you rent and, if you decide to move out of our self storage facility, you’ll just need to give us 10 days’ notice.

Can I choose and rent my Los Angeles 5×10 storage unit online?

Absolutely! Just choose one of our Los Angeles self storage facilities to find and rent or reserve your unit online.