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5 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

From moving across town to moving across the country, relocating can be a long, expensive, and tiresome process. If you’re not fully prepared for the move, it’s easy to make mistakes that contribute to even more stress. Thankfully, the storage experts at Saf Keep Storage are experienced in the process and have tips to share so you don’t get caught up in a common moving mistake. 

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Moving

Whether you’re a moving pro or headed to your own place for the first time, it’s easy to make mistakes along the way. Some of these mistakes include:

  • Packing heavy items in large boxes
  • Not labeling boxes
  • Not measuring furniture
  • Not utilizing a storage unit
  • Leaving too little time to pack

While common, these mistakes all have simple fixes! The following tips will help you avoid mishaps and have the best moving experience possible.

Moving Tips and Tricks

Following these moving tips can help make sure you have a seamless move. Make what could be a stressful process run smoothly, and learn how to pack and organize better throughout your move. 

There are many packing tips for moving and other things you can do to simplify the process. These ideas include:

  • Get rid of items you don’t want
  • Save essentials for last
  • Write detailed labels on the boxes
  • Pack one room at a time
  • Put items you aren’t sure about in a storage unit

If you follow these packing and moving tips, you can rest assured the move to your new home will feel like a breeze. They can help you to stay organized, so you will know where everything is once you get into the new place. Knowing where everything is can help make the unpacking process easier and help you avoid losing your belongings.

Get Rid of Items You Don’t Want

Before packing, take some time to go through items you no longer want. You don’t want to spend the time packing something you are just going to get rid of in the future. You have several options when you want to get rid of your belongings. They include: 

  • Throw them away: Throw away anything that isn’t salvageable and won’t value anyone else, such as expired makeup, medicines, old shoes and outdated electronics. When disposing of electronics, make sure to dispose of them properly.
  • Donate: Any gently used clothing, bedding, or other household items can be donated. Many thrift stores and donation centers will take your used items. Make sure to look at what your donation center accepts before bringing items there to avoid a wasted tip with items they don’t take. 
  • Sell: If you have valuable items like a couch or dining room table, look into selling them. There are several online marketplaces, or you could have a garage sale. 

Removing items you don’t want can also free up space in your new home.

Save Essentials for Last

When packing, it is crucial to think about what you use daily. Do not pack essentials that you use daily until the day of or before your move. If you pack these items too soon, you might have to dig through boxes looking for them later on. We recommend setting aside your most important items and packing them last in a bag rather than a box. This way they’ll be easy to access once you arrive in your new home and you won’t need to dig through piles to locate your toothbrush or daily medications. 

Write Detailed Labels on the Boxes

When it’s time to unpack, having detailed labels on each box can save you a lot of time. Also, if you hire movers, they will know exactly where to place each box, so you aren’t searching all around the new place for it. 

Writing detailed labels on the boxes can also help if you need items quickly once you get to the new place. You can unpack the box of your essential items first, so you don’t spend the first night in your new home without finding your toothbrush or glasses.

Pack One Room at a Time

When you pack one room at a time, you can ensure your items won’t get lost. The movers can keep these items together so that they can go right back into their respective rooms when it gets to the new house. 

Put Items You Aren’t Sure of in a Storage Unit

If you are downsizing or aren’t sure what you want to get rid of, consider getting a storage unit to store items you want time to think about. This way, you aren’t taking up space in your new home and have time to determine what you really want and what you don’t. 

Personal storage units are also a great solution for storing items if there is time between leaving your current residence and moving into your new place. Keep your items organized and in a central location by boxing them up and placing them into storage. It is also a good place to store furniture, decorations, and appliances if you’re staging your house to sell and need to clear out some of the clutter. Once you’ve moved, your storage unit is a great place to store seasonal items, sports equipment, outdoor gear, and more. 

Find Storage Space Today at Saf Keep

With storage facilities in Northern California, Southern California, and Hawaii, Saf Keep managed facilities have you covered from the day you start packing to the day you’re fully settled in and beyond. Not sure what size storage unit will benefit you most? Our size guide provides information about common storage unit sizes and what is recommended to store in each. We even have packing and moving supplies for sale at our facilities should you need additional tap, boxes, bubble wrap, fillers, and more. Find a storage facility nearest you and get started with self storage to create a seamless moving experience today!


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