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Crafting Love: Using Self Storage for DIY Valentine’s Day Décor and Projects

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the season of love than by adding a personal touch to  gifts for friends, family, and significant others. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a novice looking to try your hand at crafting, self storage can be the secret ingredient to make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

From handmade cards to home décor,   Saf Keep is here to help you create the perfect Valentine’s Day crafts and store all your crafting supplies and creations.

DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts

Not only is creating Valentine’s Day crafts better for your wallet, but it’s way more fun and personal than buying the same roses and cards everyone else is buying. Check out our favorite Valentine’s Day craft ideas for gifts, décor, and everything in between.

Crafting Your Own Valentine’s Day Gifts

Before deciding on the type of gift you want to make for your loved one, think about their personality and the things they enjoy doing. This way, you can ensure you give them something they’ll use.

If they’re sentimental and take many photos, consider creating a custom picture frame. All you need is a blank picture frame, paint, decorative tape and/or glitter, and anything else you might want to put on it.  Add an anniversary date, quote, or your names on the frame for a more personal touch. If you’re making a frame from a child, consider placing their handprint or thumbprint on it!

For those who love to relax, make a bath bomb using their favorite scents. Plant lovers would love a brand new plant to add to their collection, complete with a decorated pot. Lastly, almost everyone loves a good candle, so why not create a unique candle holder made of birchwood with your initials carved into it? No matter what you choose, make sure to create a Valentine’s Day gift that’s heartfelt and special.

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

A handmade Valentine’s Day card that reads “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

Aside from the actual gift, you’ll also need to create a Valentine’s Day card just as sentimental as the gift itself. While you can get fancy with a Cricut or special paper, all you need to create a Valentine’s Day card is:

  • Colorful cardstock paper
  • Markers
  • Stencils
  • Stickers
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter
  • Paint

Use your creativity and craft a heartfelt message for the person you’re making the card for.

DIY Valentine’s Day Décor and Projects

Add a personal touch to your home, and make your own Valentine’s Day decorations..

  • Valentine’s Day wreath. Use foam wreath rings and tieyour favorite pink and red fabric around it. You can also glue candy hearts for something more fun and festive.
  • Painted Valentine’s Day vase. All you need is a clear vase and some paint to create a gorgeous vase worthy of the dozen roses you’ll have on display. Another option is to Mod Podge some tissue paper onto your vase for a brighter look.
  • Valentine’s Day wall art. You’ll need hula-Hoops, spray paint, fabric, and a hot glue gun for an inexpensive Valentine’s Day decoration. Spray-paint the Hula-Hoop, either white or gold, and hot glue some red or pink fabric along the edges of the Hula-Hoop so it fills the hole in the middle. Make it your own by adding photos, paintings, or cards.
  • Valentine’s Day card display. Using an old mirror, create a fun display of your favorite Valentine’s Day cards. Remove the mirror, and paint the frame a color of your choosing. Hot glue twine across the middle, and use clothespins to holdcards or other photos.

Storing Valentine’s Day Crafts

As Valentine’s Day transitions into other holidays, you’ll need to have a storage plan to store all your Valentine’s Day creations and supplies safely until next year.. Self storage allows you to rotate your decorations seasonally without sacrificing precious space. With a dedicated storage space, you can protect your belongings from elements like dust, sunlight, and potential damage, ensuring they stay in top condition.

Purchase the Right Packing Materials

Proper packing materials are the first thing you’ll need when storing your Valentine’s Day crafts and decorations. These packing materials include:

  • Plastic bins
  • Boxes in various sizes
  • Packing tape
  • Plastic wrap
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing peanuts

Label Everything

After packing everything in a plastic bin or box, you’ll want to ensure everything is labeledby season or holiday to help keep materials well organized. Making it easy to find what you need when inspiration strikes. . Consider writing what’s in every single box directly on the box or investing in a good label maker for your bins and containers.

Store Your Items in a Reliable Space

Three wicker baskets being stored in cubbies.

Properly store your items  in a reliable storage space. If you don’t have quite enough space in your closet, attic, or basement, a storage facility is your best solution. Between convenient features such as drive-up access and high-tech security, you’ll have everything you need for a successful storage experience.

Not only do storage units provide optimal features, but they also provide plenty of additional space as each storage facility offers storage units in various sizes. Storing large decorations or small crafting supplies will be a breeze when renting self storage near you.

Rent a Saf Keep Self Storage Unit You’ll Love Today

For self storage you can count on, choose Saf Keep Storage today. We provide a wide range of storage solutions for your desired experience. From storing materials and maintaining surprises to providing a dedicated space for all your crafting creations,  Saf Keep is the place to store all your supplies. Rent or reserve your Saf Keep storage unit online today.


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