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Storage Tips for Home Appliances

Everybody loves the satisfaction of a well-done home renovation, but if you’re eying your kitchen for an upgrade, have you considered your plan of attack in storing kitchen appliances? It’s an easy subject to dread since each appliance usually requires its own preparation as it gets ready for storage, and the prospect of finding space for them in your home isn’t a thrilling activity.

Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be a nuisance or a time sink. These essential tips from Saf Keep Storage will answer some of your basic home renovation storage questions and provide information you need to make calculated, well-informed decisions about what self storage options you have available to best preserve the longevity of your appliances while they aren’t in use.

Can Storage Units Be Used if Renovating a House?

Yes! Storage units can be used when renovating a house. Not only that, but we recommend it! Forcing yourself to find space for a stovetop oven can be stressful and often ends with less than stellar results. If you’re lucky, it will only look awkward and out of place, if you’re not, it could be an obstruction and fire hazard. Either way, it’s a problem that can easily be solved with access to a storage unit.

How long does a kitchen renovation take?

Your timeline depends on the size of the kitchen, what exact renovations you have in mind, and how many hands will be working on it. Project times vary but you should plan to spend 6 to 12 weeks on minor renovations such as repainting cabinets and replacing countertops. If your project requires electrical or plumbing work or changes the footprint of your kitchen, you’ll likely be looking at 3 to 5 months of work. 

Whether you’ve hired a full team of workers or plan to chip away at the project after your day job, storing kitchen appliances out of your home is a great way to create a clear and accessible workspace.

Preparing Your Kitchen Appliances for Storage

If your plan is to make the most with what you have, we understand, and we want to help prepare you with some tips for optimizing what’s left of your space during your renovation.

  • Clean Your Appliances: Ensure your stove, refrigerator, and microwave are appropriately cleaned, otherwise you risk tracking grime, dirt, and other debris around your home (be especially mindful of leaving appliances on carpets!)
  • Leave Time for Defrosting: If moving your refrigerator, remove all the food, defrost the freezer (this may cause some leaking, so have towels nearby), wipe down and dry the inside, and wrap up any coils and cords, taping them to the back as needed.
  • Drain Standing Water: Follow all the same steps if you intend to store a dishwasher, ensuring that it’s been given an opportunity to drain, so there’s no water sitting idly inside it during its storage.
  • Pick the Proper Environment: Store your kitchen appliances at room temperature in a clean, dry location. If you intend to store them in a place subject to the elements or severe temperatures, a climate controlled storage unit is the best option to preserve the integrity of your items. 
  • Secure Doors and Shelves During Transit: Tape doors and cabinets shut to prevent them from opening in transit. On refrigerators, wrap the shelves in blankets or another well-cushioned material.
  • Leave Doors Open in Storage: Once in storage, keep the doors propped open to prevent the natural build-up of moisture from leading to mildew and mold. If you’re worried about appliance finishes, consider wrapping them in blankets as well.
  • Protect Against Invaders: Spray any unused appliances with insecticides and rodent deterrents so they are uninviting locations for pests to make home while you’re away.

Storing Kitchen Appliances With Saf Keep Storage

In addition to clean, well-lit, and conveniently-located storage facilities, Saf Keep Storage provides a variety of free services to make your move-in experience as seamless as possible. Our carry-in service is perfect for transporting small appliances and boxes of dishes into your new unit. This service is available for new move-in tenants and includes 30 minutes of move-in help from our onsite staff to move boxes from your vehicle or trailer into your unit. We even have moving and storage supplies for sale onsite in case you run out of boxes or forget your tape at home.

Intimidated by the thought of moving heavy appliances through our facility? Don’t be! We have dollies and moving carts available for use. Paired with wide hallways and elevators for upper-level units, you won’t need to worry about strained backs or crushed toes. 

At select facilities, you’ll also have access to a free moving truck or van for transporting your items across town as well as a free on-site forklift service for business customers. With so many services aimed at customer convenience, you’ll soon find yourself searching for new home renovation projects to take on just so you can stop by!

From San Jose to Los Angeles to Kailua-Kona, Saf Keep Storage has the storage space you need for your renovation project, no matter how big or small. Your home and kitchen renovations are exciting and stressful enough, let us take some of that burden off your plate.


  July 5, 2022 in Residential Storage

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