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Using Self Storage for Gifts this Holiday Season

For all its magic, the holiday season can also be quite stressful. Between figuring out travel plans and getting all your shopping done on time, there’s already plenty to worry about. The last thing you need is the stress that comes with extra clutter in your home and finding places to hide gifts from snooping eyes. For the weeks leading up to the holidays, all those boxes and bags can take up valuable space in your home. The more friends and family you have (and the more generous you are), the less space you’ll have in your closet for things you need all year round. And if you have kids, or perhaps a spouse with a childlike tendency to sneak peeks? They could easily find their gifts, ruining the surprise– and dampening a bit of that holiday magic. 

If you’d like to limit the clutter in your house this holiday season or need to find a place to stash gifts until the big day, Saf Keep Storage can help. Keep reading for some handy holiday storage ideas.

Use self storage to store seasonal items

String lights are draped over a cardboard box next to a Christmas tree.

You likely don’t think about gift wrap storage or gift bag storage very often. Sure, you might have to wrap a birthday present every now and then, but the holiday season is different. You need a lot of gift wrap and gift bags, all at once. Then when the holiday season is over, you suddenly have lots of leftover gift wrap and gift bags. If you shove it all in a closet, you’re just adding clutter with something you won’t need again until next year. Throwing it all away feels like a waste, and it also means you’ll have to go out and buy more wrapping paper next season and start the whole cycle over again.

With a self storage unit, you can load up on wrapping paper, gift bags, and other stuff you only need during the holiday season, without taking up any living or storage space in your home. Did you receive a gift in a nice, reusable gift bag? Pack it away in a box in self storage so you can use it next year! You can also put all of your holiday decorations in self storage, clearing up even more space. Rolls of holiday lights, boughs of holly, and especially artificial Christmas trees can make your garage, attic, or basement feel awfully crowded. A storage unit reduces the number of seasonal boxes you have sitting around at home and can keep things organized and string lights untangled until it’s time to decorate again. And don’t worry, your seasonal items are still easy to access when you need them.

Smaller self storage units can serve as extra closets

Depending on how many gifts you buy and how large those gifts are, you may not feel like you need a big, garage-sized self storage unit. However, a smaller unit can be a great fit! Closet-sized 5×5 and 5×10 units are equivalent to standard closets and walk-in closets, respectively. By opting for one of those units, you’d have extra space perfect for storing gifts, without paying for more than what you need. That “extra closet” could come in handy throughout the year, too: store birthday gifts, important documents, and other items that are too important to get rid of, but not used often enough to justify taking up space in your home.

Self storage makes hiding gifts easy

A young child reaches for a gift box underneath a bed.

It may sound a little silly compared to the other things that make the holiday season stressful, but deciding where to hide gifts can definitely cause some anxiety. If you have kids, they may already know your best hiding spots. If you put the gifts somewhere easy to remember, they could also be easy for someone to find by accident. But if you put them somewhere tricky, you might forget where they are!

With self storage, there’s no need to fret over where to hide gifts. Just set them in your secure storage unit until it’s time to open them! Nobody will be able to sneak a peek unless they have your personalized PIN code for access.

Use Saf Keep’s Free Package Placement for even more ease

Tired of getting “missed package” slips? Working late? Send your packages to us! With our free package placement service, we will gladly accept packages from all major delivery services, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS, on your behalf and put them in your unit for safekeeping until you can pick them up. All we ask is that you provide us with a key or combination to the lock on your space. If the deliveries are infrequent or very small, you may choose to have them stored in the office for pick up. Have questions? Contact a facility near you to learn more about this free service. 

Limit 5 packages per month. Charges will apply for additional packages. Not available at all locations.

Reserve your Saf Keep Storage unit today

‘Tis the season for holiday self storage! If you’re ready to clear out some clutter and keep your gifts secret, find a Saf Keep storage facility near you and reserve your unit online, or just give us a call. Our self storage experts can help you decide which size unit is right for you, so you don’t pay for more than what you need. We offer flexible month-to-month contracts that make it easy to move out or upgrade your unit when your needs change. And our convenient online payment options can help take some of the stress out of this stressful time of year. Reserve your unit today– before someone finds those gifts!


  December 7, 2022 in Storage Tips

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